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Tell Google not everyone sells pizza!

Why Google Reviews are not right for all businesses--except for the pizza guy. But not everyone sells pizza.Thousands-if not millions-of businesses are working hard to get their customers to leave 5 Star reviews about the business on the Google My Business Page. It's...

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William F. Hill Attorney At Law Website Rollout

Digital Business Services thanks the staff at William F. Hill Attorney At Law in Greenville NC for a successful rollout of a new website. The law firm focuses on helping businesses large and small with legal issues, including patents, trademarks, creditors rights and...

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SEO Update for Cash For Records in Cleveland, Ohio

Do you have a bunch of old vinyl albums lying around in boxes or tucked away in your attic? Cash For Records in Cleveland, OH actually will purchase your collection for cash on the spot! Owner Paul Robinson recently hired Digital Business Services to update his...

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How to Develop and Internet Marketing Plan

You must develop a sense of the budgeting dollars you are willing to commit to ongoing website support and internet marketing. Too often companies go out of pocket for a new website, then fall dollars short on the “back-end” and the site eventually disappears from view.

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How to Create a Website Roadmap

An architectural blueprint for your website is your roadmap for yourself or your web developer. Sit down with he or she, a cup of coffee and enough time on your hands to draw a sketch of where you’d like to go.

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Importance of Studying Your Market

The internet is a worldwide “bank” with millions of depositors. When you understand what they want, how much they are willing to spend and how to find you, you’ll reap the financial rewards you are looking for today.

But the internet has rules, break them and that door will close to your company’s site and be very difficult to re-open. We can help you understand those rules, but for now, let’s go through some of the steps and tools you’ll need to get a vision of your market and competition.

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How Long Does Website Development Take?

What is the turn-around time for developing a web site from business plan to going live? That depends on your commitment to your internet marketing plan and how much of your time you want to give the project.

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What small businesses need to know about internet marketing: 7 simple tips (part 3)

Self-proclaimed experts and offshore companies.
Unfortunately, digital marketing is a field crowded with many “wanna-be’s,” charlatans, and inexperienced offshore telemarketers who guarantee “first place resuts” in minutes for substantial contracts. There are “do it yourself” website creation services all over the web. It’s a tough and confusing situation. Best to talk with a pro first.

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