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Advertising on the web via Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns. Google, Bing and Yahoo. Which is best for you? Call Digital Business Services at 843-492-7766 or 252-367-7673 to find out. 15+ years managing effective PPC for clients.

Why would a business launch a Pay Per Click campaign?

  • You have a new website and you want to generate traffic and leads as fast as possible
  • Your business is in a highly competitive market and climbing to the top organically is costly and can take months
  • You want to  reach multiple markets across cities, counties,states or countries
  • You want to measure data so you can make informed marketing decisions
  • You want to strengthen your business brand

What are the ingredients to a successful Pay Per Click campaign?

  • Good research. Accumulating as much information as possible about keywords and keyword phrases, in particular, those used by your competitors
  • Understanding what your customers are looking for when they enter their search terms
  • Creating the appropriate ad content to not only answer the customer’s search questions, but compel them to call, click to the website, buy a product or complete a lead form
  • Tracking results. Monitoring Impressions (how many times your ad shows up on Search Engine Results Pages); Click Through Rates (how many times visitors click on your ad); cost Per Click (what you paid for that click) and Conversions (the visitor took the action you wanted them to take…called, clicked a link, bought something, for example).
  • Setting a realistic budget. Too low and you’re setting yourself up for failure. Too high and you’re making the search engine rich(er) without results.

So, which is it? Google, Bing, Yahoo or something else?

Like it or not, Google captures more than 90% of the trillions of searches everyday. You’ll probably end up buying ads from them. However, there are still millions of searches taking place on Bing, Yahoo and other search engines and it might be appropriate the launch ads there as well. This will depend on your digital marketing budget, your products or services and the level of competition for the keywords you are using.

Aren’t all Pay Per Click companies just trying to cash in?

Unfortunately, there are hundreds of aggressive telemarketing companies calling businesses everyday trying to sell expensive SEO and Pay Per Click services. We’ve heard some of our clients tell stories of spending up to $5,000 a month on Google Ads, not seeing any results, then finding out they are trapped in a long-term contract.

Google also has launched Smart Campaigns for small businesses, seeking to compete with local SEO and Pay Per Click consultants. Google promises the moon—relieving you of keyword research, ad production and even web page creations. Buyer beware is our best advice.


This Pay Per Click campaign focused on website clicks and phone calls to a national manufacturer of nameplates, asset tags and sling tags for industrial customers. This is the landing page for that campaign.

Attracting visitors to the website and have them complete a request for appointment form helped build this North Carolina cardiolgist’s practice via Pay Per Click ads..

Getting ahead of the competition while generating new customers was the goal of this Pay Per Click campaign for a heating and air conditioning company.

Using a well-timed Pay Per Cick campaign helped this roofing company attract hundreds of new customers with damaged roofs after Hurricane Florence.

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