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Local marketing strategy

2. Local marketing

Known as “near me” because people searching for products or services near their location want the search engines to show them companies “near me.”   Putting a local marketing strategy in place to increase leads requires professional search engine optimization, and an action plan for managing listings on Yelp, Google My Business, social media and business directories.

Restaurant owners should know Google will start amplifying its search page so that visitors can actually search on menu items, like “Prime Rib restaurants” or “crab cakes.”

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In the old days (defined as 10 years ago) businesses used to sit down with their “web guy” and try to come up with as many magic keywords as they could. So, “tires” became “we sell tires” and “tires are needed on cars.” Next, they’d stuff every paragraph on the page with tire related words. Well, those days are gone. Search engines now want web page content that a human can understand and keyword stuffing can result in penalties. In fact, Google ignores keywords completely. Only Bing and Yahoo use them. And they control smaller volumes of searches compared to Google.


4. The First Page myth

Don’t fall into the trap that your business has to be on the “first page” to succeed in internet marketing. There’s a train of thought now that “page 2 is now the new Page 1” because of the crowded field caused by sponsored ads and directory listings. It’s not unusual to find yourself scrolling a few times to get to the local results. There are many channels on the web that lead to sales, and first page placement is only one of them.


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