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Clients are looking for your products from Cell phones and Tablets

5. Mobile and Tablets

More than half of web traffic now comes from visitors using mobile phones and tablets. If your website has that “squeezed” look or is slow to load, your potential new customer will close your site and go find someone else. Try it yourself. Would you stay on your site?

6. Self-proclaimed experts and offshore companies

Unfortunately, digital marketing is a field crowded with many “wanna-be’s,” charlatans, and inexperienced offshore telemarketers who guarantee “first place resuts” in minutes for substantial contracts. There are “do it yourself” website creation services all over the web. It’s a tough and confusing situation. Best to talk with a pro first.

7. The ipact of video

Get a YouTube channel. Put videos on Facebook and other social media. Embed them on your website. Video is the new frontier for web marketing.


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